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SOLUTION to clean black DOLLARS and any currency for sale

07/11/2018 17:59


SSD SOLUTION to clean black DOLLARS and any currency for sale.

Chemical Laboratory Valid Company, WE SALE CHEMICALS LIKE TOURMALINE, SSD Chemical/solution, CASTRO X OXIDE
A4. And many as the SOLUTION of activation powder and SSD to clean the black money.

Chemical and Allied product Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of industrial and pharmaceutical products with a key specialization in the production of SSD automatic Solution used for cleaning the black currency, degraded funds and Stained banknotes with an anti-breeze quality. Other for damaged notes, invoices like USD, EURO, GBP, color transfer from the use ticket of new white bills and black notes.

We also have offices in other countries such as Russia, India, China, Thailand and Belarus. England, USA, Malaysia, EU

We also offer heavy cleaning machines, and we deliver products to destination buyers for more information

For more enquiries, contact us at the address below.

Email: mediumcoffi@hotmail.fr
Mobile/WhatsApp: + 22995092699

Name: Mr. COFFI

Valid Laboratory Chemical Ghana Ltd.
ACCRA Ghana West Africa




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